Post-Corona Byron Bay

Out of lock down and onto the road, my first trip since the pandemic shut us all in. The forecast didn't look great, but needing to get away, I made the call and hit the road early on Sunday morning. I had planned to spend the afternoon in Yamba on the way up, but the forecast was changing and it looked like Sunday would be the only day with a good sunset. I stopped for a quick surf, and pressed on.

It rained more than it didn't, but it did seem to come good for most of the key times of day. Even the surf switched on towards the end of the week. Note to self: get better at surfing rights. With the surf also came the sweep which was near impossible to swim in and stay in position, so I have no shots from the water on those days, nor do I have any shots of the numerous Dolphins that would swim around us, jumping out of the water, only at the most inopportune moments.

Here is a selection of shots from the trip.