Sydney Surf Photography

G'day. Everyday, I get up at the crack of dawn, slide my camera into my water housing and head to the beach. Where I live, I have access to four beaches that cover the majority of swell and wind directions, I can shoot almost every day of the year.

Sydney Surf Photography


To keep my camera safe from the elements, I use a housing from Liquid Eye Water Housings. There are many housings on the market, so go and do some research if you're interested. The camera I use is a Canon 5D Mark IV and I usually pair that with a 50mm or 85mm lens, occasionally opting for something a little longer, the 70-200mm. On my feet I have a pair of DaFins.

Sydney Surfer Paddling

Busiest Beaches in Australia

Sydney's surf lineups are the busiest in the country, and on a pumping day it can feel as if you're swatting flies trying to duck out of the way of every drop in on every wave. Surfing etiquette is essentially non-existent here and swimming amongst it can feel quite overwhelming at times, but it's worth it for that one morning where everything comes together.

Empty Sydney Wave

Surfing vs Ocean Photography

I don't necessarily favour one over the other, it really depends on the conditions and what the ocean is doing. Sometimes I'm shooting both concurrently, sometimes I don't even take a shot and just enjoy being in the ocean and witnessing some incredible moments.