Who does what, on a commercial photoshoot

G'day. Photography is often thought of as a singular act, and, a lot of the time, it is. It all starts with a vision. You can take pictures of the ocean or vast landscapes. You can bring products into your studio and light every angle. You can wander the streets looking to make art out of strangers. You can do all of these activities all by yourself.

But, depending on what type of photography you enjoy, eventually, it’s quite likely that you'll need to involve more people to bring your vision to life. If you want to shoot portraits or fashion, you’re going to need at least one more person to be your subject. For many photography productions, especially if you work in a commercial entity, you need support. Here are a few faces you will see on many productions.

Producers - Photography sets have a lot of moving parts. If you are going into a studio and shooting a single model for half a day, your production needs will likely be limited. But need to shut down part of Sydney CBD for 12 hours on a Friday? You’re going to need to have someone else handling that while you focus on your lighting and composition.

Assistants - Some photographers rely on their assistants to prelight their scenes before they even get to set, some are bored to death. Others find themselves on reflector duty.

Digital tech - A photographers' best friend on set. They are dedicated to watching each image come in, they will be the first to see when a series of shots drift a bit out of focus. Or, they may spot that little object in the corner of the frame that is too small to see in your viewfinder but is driving the art director crazy when it pops up on the big screen.

Stylists - These are the people responsible for clothing, arranging your subjects, whatever that my be, essentially making them stand out and look good.

Makeup artist - As implied.