"My goal is to capture all of the moods of the ocean and document the transient interactions of light and water."

Part human, part camera and part fish, Tim Bowman is a seascape and ocean photographer based in Bondi, Australia.

Everyday, at the crack of dawn Tim is bustling, setting up his camera and water-housing and heading to the beach. With five beaches within a 5 minute drive, knowing exactly what the weather, oceans swells and wind conditions are is key.

Tim aims to capture the transient nature of how light and water interact.

After swimming with his camera for 1-2 hours, Tim heads home to check his bounty. There are so many variables to having a good sessions; what was the light doing? where there waves? how big where they?  how many times did he almost get run over by a surfer (Bondi is one of the busiest surfing beaches in Australia).

For any commercial work inquires, please get in contact.

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